This what people who have sailed on Tectona say:

‘I have found an inner serenity on Tectona which has changed my life’

‘The voyage was very productive for me in building confidence, trusting others and opening my eyes to what can be achieved in my new life’

‘My kids have got their mum back’

‘You become a family and when you’ve got mental health linked in with addiction ‘Family’ is not something you come across that often’

The Tectona Mission

To help people of all ages develop into mature and responsible individuals through the experience of sail training activities in traditional sailing craft, including their maintenance and conservation.

We work with those who are socially disadvantaged and may be suffering  from problems relating to their mental health or drug and alcohol misuse.

Tectona is a traditional gaff ketch built of teak in 1928 operated by Sailing Tectona.